Sharp is the only Pallet manufacturer, granted to use IS   (IS 7276).

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About Us

Why Sharp?
SHARP is your one source that delivers the best total value in plastic rotomolded products and pallets. We provide material handling solutions.

A broad range of plastic tanks, containers, bins and pallets -your choice of size and style to fit specific applications.
Custom needs design and high quality service after sales.

SHARP has plastic rotomolded products and services that provide the best opportunities for more productivity and profitability in business like:
  Other Institution

SHARP’s Quality Promise to Our Customers

Our promise to you, our valued customers, is exceptional quality in all aspects of our business relationship. Through continuous innovation in products, processes, and customer services, we are at the forefront of delivering the best selection of rotomolded plastic products, systems, and support. With our quality promise, you can rely on Sharp to:

Deliver products, services and designs that continuously meet and exceed your expectations.
Provide superior material handling performance and design in your supply chain.
Create the best improvement opportunities throughout your business.

We answer only to you

Because we are privately owned, we answer to you, not a boardroom. When new technology arrives, we immediately respond based on the needs of our customers, without being limited by the orders of shareholders. At Sharp, customers are our priority, and nothing is more important than you and your needs.