Sharp is the only Pallet manufacturer, granted to use IS   (IS 7276).

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Client Testimonial

"SHARP is the most thorough, professional rotomolding firm I have ever used".

"Sharp is my first call when I need assistance. You have been a strategic piece in our rapid and successful growth a reliable source for all our needs: mould design  to  engineering and management. I would strongly recommend your services to other corporations except our competition, of course!.

"Ive worked with many rotomoulders Sharp is the best Ive seen. Very proactive. Quality Products. Quick response".

"SHARP is our #1 rotomoulding  firm. The match in non-aggressive yet assertive and confident approach matches well with our company's culture".

"Sharp was much better at keeping "in touch" and about providing a lot of information on each product than the other firms we've used. Sharp did a great job! They were very easy to work with and very professional, and very detailed".

"Sharp provided good products. They met or exceeded expectations in all areas".

"I value Sharp's knowledge of plastics the most. In addition, Sharp  is not too pushy and is willing to work with my style and needs".

"We have a wonderful relationship with our Sharp consultant. I make suggestions to him on what to focus on and he gives info and tips to me on the specific issues of the rotomoulding. Sharp is the very best!

"Sharp understood our requirements perfectly. All service was outstanding. You took the time to learn our business".