Sharp is the only Pallet manufacturer, granted to use IS   (IS 7276).

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Sharp is the only Pallet manufacturer, granted to use IS (IS 7276)
Sharp Steel Reinforced Plastic Pallets are an ideal substitute and a favorable alternative to conventional wooden pallets, Which have inherent problems of swelling, rotting, termites and fungal infection. SHARP Pallets are tested for performance by Indian Institute of packaging as per IS:6219 of 1989.

SHARP pallets are designed by combining the special property of non weather ability of polymers with high strength of steel reinforcement imparting durability and high load carrying characteristics.

Steel Reinforced for giving optimum static and dynamic load.
Very long life in repeated and long use.
Conforming to and must for GMP and WHO norms.
Weatherproof, Termite proof & Fungus resistant.
Resistant to most chemicals.
Maintenance free due to high durability.
High Thermal resistance (-40C to 80C).
The compatibility of our pallets with the handling equipment, Fork-Lift, Stacker & Trolleys to cent percent.
User friendly Stackable, Lightweight, Anti-skid, 2/4 way entry can be handled with any lifting equipments internationally available.
Our steel Reinforced pallets will be ideally suitable in all your Materials Organization, Stores Area where materials are stored in Rack, Floor Stacking, Drum Storage, etc.

Available in various standard sizes and can be custom designed for special application to suit your requirement.
High Resale value compared to FRP & WOOD after continuous use.
SHARP pallets do not leave any Chips like FRP & WOOD pallets.
SHARP pallets are widely used by Pharmaceutical & Food processing Company due to cleanliness (HYGIENIC).
SHARP pallets are repairable, if damaged due to mishandling.

  4 Way Pallet - Antiskid / Plain  



Non Reversible




 Economical / Export

(One time use) Pallet





Plain Top


Double Deck

  2 - Way Pallet  

Entry Pallet (Non-Reversible)


Double Deck Pallet/Partial


Fabricated & Extruded Pallet










Enclosed Entry Pallet


Entry Pallet (Reversible)






Poly Pallet






Nestable Vertical Drum Pallet


Vertical Drum Pallet with Hook

  Vertical Drum Pallet (Non-Reversible)



Drum Take It or Leave It Pallet


Nestable Horizontal Drum Pallet


Vertical Drum Pallet (Reversible)






Separator for Drum




  Bottling Plants, Breweries, Refineries, Leather Tanneries, Cold Storage, Port Trust, Pharmaceutical, Food Industries, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Cement plants, Export Shipments, Palletization, Dairy Industries, Chemicals & Acid Storage, Paper, Pulp Storage, Electronic Cables, Drug warehouses, Confectioneries etc..

Black, Milky White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Grey.

  Rubber Bushes (optional) can be provided for extra antiskid properties.